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Winter is Coming

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Crisp breezes and icy nights have left us reaching for steaming bowls of soup, hearty stews and fresh, aromatic bread. Like a bear entering hibernation, it’s time to ditch the summer body goals and start bulking for the winter. After a dreary day in the office, who can be bothered spending 4 hours braising lamb shanks and whipping up lashings of creamy mash? Good thing Newcastle’s restaurant scene can satisfy any craving you’re on your mind.

Uncle Toby’s got nothing on us

You spent your slumber dreaming of creamy oats, topped with a fuchsia ribbon of berries, scattering of toasted coconut and drizzle of golden honey. You’re startled by a growling beast, it’s your ravenous stomach. If you’re sick of being disappointed by another lacklustre bowl of stodgy, dull porridge? Bolt into Bolton Street Pantry for double teff oats with poached pears, seasonal fruit and walnuts. Indulge in the Autumn Room’s earl grey infused porridge with baked apple and vanilla. Dive into a bowl loaded with fresh figs, toasted nuts and lavish trimmings at Equium Social. Craving a wholesome, savoury breakfast bowl? You can’t beat The Wickham Boatshed’s house baked beans, topped with slow-cooked, shredded ham hock, a fried egg, feta and sourdough.

It’s soup season

Is anything more satisfying than dunking crusty sourdough, glistening with butter, into a nourishing bowl of soup. Don’t redecorate your kitchen walls with orange splatters of pumpkin puree, leave it to the chef. No matter which corner of Newcastle you land in for lunch, you can find a soup special. Hit up Goldberg’s on Darby Street, Onyx Espresso Bar in Mayfield, Cielo Italiano on Honeysuckle wharf or Cornerhouse café on Union Street. Forget your table manners at Susuru and slurp moorish ramen. Go bobbing for wontons in Dumpling Story’s combination soup or indulge in the tang of Tom Yum at The Grain. Just imagine those aromatic swirls of steam, wafting out of a brimming bowl. What are you waiting for?

Stewing on what’s for dinner?

You’ve been day dreaming about moorish, fall apart meat, swimming in a luscious, treacly sauce. Just imagine it nestled on a bed of creamy, parmesan polenta with blistered greens framing the perfect picture. You could spend hours in the kitchen prepping mirepoix, braising meat and simmering sauces, or you could enjoy the luxury of dining out. Head to Coal River & Co for braised pork shoulder and caramelised apple on plump gems of ricotta gnocchi. Tease your tastebuds with tantalising Indian spices at Sapphire. Get experimental with their Kadhai Goat, slow-cooked in signature spices. Explore authentic Ethiopian cuisine at Habesha. Their premium cuts are gently simmered in aromatic blends of fresh garlic, traditional spices and chilli, creating a flavour explosion you could only hope to imitate.

Get your Sunday roast any day of the week

You don’t have to wait until Sunday to gather your friends around the table for a scrumptious roast dinner. In fact, you don’t even have to do the washing up. Dine on braised lamb Kleftico with crisp, oregano potatoes, sautéed greens and candied walnuts at Rustica. Spend your evening under kaleidoscopic lanterns, devouring tender brisket, roast vegetables and garlic greens at Moneypenny. Get some pork on your fork with Oma’s signature sharing platter. You’ll have to loosen your belt buckle for the feast that features pork knuckle, pork steak, three kinds of sausage, velvety mash, authentic red cabbage and sauerkraut, served with a side of apple sauce and gravy. You’ll be as content as a pig in mud.

Skip dinner for dessert

Dessert has the power to warm even the coldest hearts. Nothing beats the crunch of your spoon, breaking through golden crumble into caramelised apple chunks and plump blueberries. Pair it with silky, vanilla bean speckled ice-cream and you may have stumbled upon the meaning of life. Skip the frozen aisle at Woolies and satisfy your pie cravings at The Lucky with their weekly special. Give into your deepest, darkest desires and build your own waffles at The Greenroof. Go big or go home with extras like snickers, banana, whipped cream, peanut butter and honeycomb. You’ll get chills down your spine when you crack your spoon into Bao Brother’s deep fried ice-cream. The flavour changes weekly so you’ll have an excuse to keep going back. Fantasising about warm, oozy caramel? Give into temptation with sticky date pudding at Sydney Junction Hotel.

Winter’s coming and it’s time to invest in insulation. Follow your survival instincts and explore all the mouth-watering, hearty food Newcastle’s offering.

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