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Where to Eat this Veganuary

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Veganuary is a global charity initiative inspiring people to experiment with the vegan lifestyle for the month of January. The pledge encourages participants to reflect on their environmental footstep, recognising controversial animal treatment, greenhouse emissions and their own health. A pledge can be taken via the foundation’s website, also offering recipes, eating guides, myths and further reading on the vegan lifestyle.

Newcastle’s vegan community is a thriving source of knowledge and promotion for animal rights. Newcastle Vegan Guide and Vegan Newcastle both offer education and guidance on transitioning into veganism, actively promoting local businesses who provide animal friendly products. The group’s Instagram pages are a plethora of delicious eateries in the Hunter, guiding intrigued Novocastrians to kaleidoscopic brunches, tapas and indulgences.

The vegan lifestyle has been stereotyped to restrict individuals of their favourite meals however the creativity of chef’s at local establishments contradicts this. Vegans in Newcastle can indulge in adaptations of restaurant classics at many of their favourite local restaurants.

Pizzerias such as Napoli, Masa Madre and Harry’s Gourmet Pizzas all offer delicious vegan friendly alternatives on their menu. Bonta Vera boasts a mouth-watering array of juicy burgers, dirty fries and loaded shakes, proving that transitioning into veganism doesn’t equal sacrificing guilty pleasures.

Brunch enthusiasts can find scrumptious vegan alternatives at many of their favourite café’s. Blue door, Talulah, East End Hub and Momo Wholefoods all offer vegan menu options and adaptations to hungry Novocastrians. Menus across the Hunter are rapidly modernising to sympathise with veganism as the community’s popularition grows.

Sweet toothed fiends need not fear as there are plenty of sugary vegan treats available. Gelato lovers can still indulge at Popolo Gelateria and Talby’s on a hot summer day. Mama-P provides raw cakes brimming with all the bells and whistles and Coco Monde waffles and crepes will have you rolling out the door.

Supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles both offer an array of vegan products however Nina’s IGA on Beaumont street is a step above the rest when providing the goods. The store is a Pandora’s box of animal friendly confectionary, dairy and meat alternatives.

The population of Newcastle’s vegan community is escalating, and local businesses are listening. The benefits offered by transitioning into veganism are hard to deny so why not take advantage of Veganuary and start the new year with a new outlook.

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