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The Hangover Recovery Guide

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Pop on the kettle, bust out your finest china and raid your Twinning’s supply because it’s Liz’s birthday. Like all of us, her royal highness likes to stretch her birthday celebrations out. Let’s face it, one day of attention just simply isn’t enough. You can embrace the weekend with delicious food and a few cheeky drinks without regretting it at your desk on Monday morning. This long weekend, nurse your head and mend those hangover blues the best remedies Newcastle has to offer.

The hair of the dog

Some believe it’s an old wives tale and others swear by it. Back up your weekend bender with bubbles and brunch at Autumn Rooms. Their premium champagne pairs perfectly with buttermilk waffles, chai infused mascarpone and plump, seasonal berries. Head to Restaurant Curvee at Peterson’s House and devour a bubbly breakfast of bacon, sautéed mushrooms, grilled vine tomatoes, seeded mustard rosti and eggs your way. The friendly team will even gift you with specialty Hunter Valley chocolates to take home … if they make it out the door. Sip champagne in true British style, accompanied by a decadent high tea at The Tea Collective or Coco Monde. It’s socially acceptable to drink before 10am if there’s scones involved right?

Skip the drive through

We’ve all croaked “egg and bacon mcmuffin meal please” into a drive through speaker the morning after a big one. Honestly, the rubbery egg and slightly stale English muffin is hardly a satisfying remedy. Pop on your shades and face the world at The Hood. Their works roll featuring crispy bacon, a runny egg, hash brown, avocado, tomato, cheese, lettuce, relish and aioli is worth getting out of bed for. If you’re reluctant to brush your hair and make yourself look socially acceptable, drive by Hippo Espresso and order from their express window. You can grab a loaded Turkish roll with fried eggs, double bacon and tangy BBQ sauce. Double bacon means double the happiness to cure those hangover blues.

Stacks ‘em high

When you’re feeling worse for wear, sometimes you just need comfort food. Drown your sorrows in maple syrup, you’ll feel better in no time. Table One Espresso talk a big pancake game and have the stacks to back it up. Their menu features confectionary favourites that will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. Pick from Mars Bar, Cherry Ripe, Crunchie, Bounty, KitKat and more. Mockingbird’s Red Velvet Pancakes are a crowd favourite on the Beaumont Street café’s menu. The vibrant stack is topped with fresh berries, lemon curd and a delicate cloud of Persian fairy floss. If you slept in past the breakfast menu’s deadline, don’t settle for a shaker bottle. You can order waffles at The Greenroof and pick your sweet poison from their tantalising selection of spreads, toppers and ice-cream.

Put down the Powerade

Sure, the sports drink is backed by science and loaded with electrolytes, but it’s also pumped full of sugar. For a hydrating hit that nourishes your body, reach for nature’s energy drink. You can slurp down a refreshing juice from The Three Monkeys extensive menu. Recharge your batteries and order the Energiser Bunny. Freshly squeezed carrot, ginger and apple is guaranteed to detox your system. The Estabar team pride themselves on their wholesome ingredients, so you know your juice will be pumped full of the good stuff. Get some Summer Sunshine on a winter Monday with their apple, carrot, celery, tumeric, pineapple, lemon, ginger, orange and bee pollen cold press. With a name like Raw Energy, you know you’ll get a juice that will boost your vitality. The Liver Cleanser speaks for itself and with fresh ingredients like beetroot, pear, carrot and lemon, it’ll go down a treat.

Get your 2 and 5 in 1

Reverse last night’s damage in one hit with a loaded bowl from Lulu’s Cafe. Their signature poke bowls are overflowing with fresh produce and crammed with mouth-watering flavours like sriracha, ginger and saffron. The vibrant dishes will brighten your day and your Instagram feed. Kill two birds with one stone and get your caffeine and antioxidant hit in one. Pop into Wia Store and order their specialty Espresso bowl. It features their secret acai blend, an espresso shot, banana, peanut butter and more.

Let’s face it, when you wake up feeling dusty after a big night out, picking your hangover cure is no easy task. The Crave App takes the chore out of decision making through it’s simple discovery settings. Feel like something greasy? Switch on the burger option. Just need that smashed avo hit? We feel you… there’s a control for that too. Just keep on swiping until you find your heart’s desires. Cheers again for the extra day off Liz.

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