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Surviving Eating Out in Winter

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

You’re longing to get out of the house, pop a bottle and devour a delicious feast with friends but the Winter chill has you backtracking into bed. Let face it, dining out in Winter just doesn’t have the same appeal as tapas and cocktails on a balmy Summer night. Stop living life like a shut in! Hit up these restaurants for a toasty ambience that’s worth crawling out from the covers and putting on pants.

Parry Street Garage

Indulge in a brimming glass of Pinot Noir and a moorish bowl of braised beef ragu pappardelle by the blistering fire. Watch out Disneyland, this could be the happiest place on earth. You can escape the Winter chills in Parry St Garage’s industrial inspired bar, elegantly lit by dimmed lighting and a roaring fire. Or you could stay home with a jar of Dolmio, packet pasta and your Kmart heater. It’s not a hard choice.

The Family Hotel

Nothing beats a cheeky beer with the squad after a demanding day at work. Except when your shoes are soggy, the wind is whistling and it’s nearing Arctic temperatures. The Family Hotel covers all bases, serving icy beers by their toasty fireplace. Whether your friends have two legs or four, the dog friendly pub is the perfect spot on a Winter’s night. Order a Turbo Shandy, basket of deep-fried pickles and Louisianna Hot Wings to scratch that itch you didn’t know you had. Who’s a good boy?


There’s no denying it, Antojitos delivers the heat with their authentic Mexican menu and in their new Steel Street location. Get cosy by one of their industrial heaters and rug up with a conveniently provided blanket. If you are what you eat, then you’ll be ordering a burrito. The tantalising tortilla is busting with beans, Pico de Gallo, avocado, tender meat and fiery flavours.

Williams Bar

Step back in time to the roaring 20’s at Longworth House’s Williams Bar. The hidden gem is elegantly styled with antique décor, lit by twinkling candles and boasts plush, chaise lounges for you to sink into. Break that midweek slump with their indulgent eight course, Taste of the Williams banquet. You’ll be treated to Spanish meatballs with cranberry jewelled couscous, fall-apart confit lamb belly with pickled vegetables and a luscious pot of creamy crème brulée for only $40 on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. The relaxing atmosphere and delicate flavours will whisk your thoughts away from the chill outside.


Cold nights call for rich aromas and hearty dishes. Sephardim’s alluring Middle Eastern mezze will awaken your tastebuds and soothe those shivers. Rug up under a blanket and absorb the intimate, candlelit room styled with brooding hues of blue, black and Mediterranean décor. Whether your mouth is watering for the umami of authentically spiced meat or you opt for a vegan diet, the skilled chefs will leave you feeling snug and satisfied. You can’t miss the Kaburga, Moroccan spiced lamb riblets with apricot glaze and refreshing minted yoghurt, or dive into their Spanish Paella, swimming with mussels, prawns and chorizo.

There’s something about flickering candles, plush décor and hearty flavours that take the chill out of a Winter’s night. Don’t let the TV’s glow be your mood lighting, brave the cold and get out of the house. The cosy, alluring ambience of restaurants like The Basement, Rustica, Bar Petite, The Blind Monk, Silo Lounge and The Flying Tiger will trump your Winter blues and let you enjoy a night out without the dreaded shivers.

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