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Sugar... Oh Honey, Honey!

The beautiful part about becoming an adult, is breaking all of those cruel and unnecessary rules from our childhood. Sure, being an adult has its downfalls, like paying taxes and working the 9 to 5 but, we can succumb to our cravings whenever we like. Sorry Mum, I’m having ice-cream for breakfast and dessert before dinner. For those of use with a sweet tooth, Newcastle is rapidly become a terrible influence of decadent, sugary delicacies. Here’s where to hit, to satisfy those sweet fantasies.


We begin our Willy Wonka tour with the modest doughnut. Doughheads proves that simplicity is key, turning the humble classic on its head. The bakers are known for creating flavours inspired by nostalgia, such as the Golden Gaytime, Snickers and Fairy Bread. You’ll satisfy a need you didn’t even know you had. Their menu features some crowd favourites and gets a monthly re-vamp with special appearances. Become a part of their tribe for updates on their latest, crazy concoctions.


Lush pillows of creamy gelato, jewelled with nuts, fruit and drizzled with lavish toppings. When you gaze into the gelato display at Monella, resisting the urge to grab a spoon, walk behind the counter and dive in takes strength. The kind of strength you’ll need to only choose a few flavours. You’ll have to summon serious self-control to resist the temptation of buying two take home packs. Or three. Wait, does that say chocolate fudge brownie chunks and salted caramel? Screw it! Life is too short for self-control.

The Hood

When the curtains came down around The Hood’s exciting renovations, it was hard not to get giddy. Already renowned for their delicious menu and addictive shakes, the fresh face made the café a perfect brunch spot. We were naïve to the real Cinderella story behind the scaffolding. Three words… loaded, dessert, tacos. Crispy waffle taco shells stuffed with specialty gelato, whippings of cream and sprinkled with everything from marshmallows to tiny teddies. As if tacos weren’t already a god sent, they just got better. Way better!

Coco Monde

The chocolate tastes better at Coco Monde. Most humble chocoholics don’t know why, just accept it as fact and routinely return to feed their addiction. The decadent chocolateria only uses specialty couverture chocolate. What does that mean? This isn’t your ordinary block of Cadbury! Coco Monde’s chocolate is authentic, using a high percentage of cocoa butter for that creamy, luscious taste. Their menu uses the best ingredients, crafted by skilled pastry chefs who know how to make your tastebuds sing. Dive into a luscious pot of chocolate fondue, paired with house-made marshmallow, seasonal fruit and freshly fried churros.

Sweet toothed Novocastrians are spoilt for their choice of desserts and sugary treats. The steel city boasts artisan doughnuts, hand-crafted gelato, revolutionary tacos, an authentic chocolateria and extreme shakes. It might take a few runs up the Merewether stairs, but the sensory awakening you’ll experience is worth every calorie. We strongly encourage that you do not finish your dinner before dessert.

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