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Nothing beats the glorious sight of tantalising platters spread across the table amongst friends. There’s simply no better way to catch up on the latest goss than over gourmet food and wine. Whether your craving Mediterranean antipasto, Spanish tapas or a cheese platter the French would envy, Newcastle’s got your back for a killer banquet.


Rustica’s stunning ambience and mouth-watering Mediterranean flavours will transport you to the Greek Islands or Amalfi Coast. Gather three or more of your nearest and dearest and loosen your belt buckle for a delectable feast. Their banquet menu plays tour guide to your tastebuds, sailing you around the Mediterranean Sea. With courses like Spanakopita Cigars, Slow braised Kleftico Lamb and Spanish Churros you’ll be fighting your fellow diners for the last bite.


A long, leisurely lunch, pop home for a siesta then snack all night long… the Spanish got it right. Bocados serves aromatic Spanish cuisine, featuring a fusion of tantalising tapas and dishes designed to share. Don’t hesitate, clear the table and indulge in the authentic menu. The Spanish kitchen offers three choices of banquets inspired by infamous regions, each as enchanting as the next. Select the Barceloneta to dine on patatas bravas and paella, the Sevilla for twice cooked, orange glazed duck or Madrid for crispy pork belly and chargrilled rib-eye with chimichurri. The flavour explosions will leave you wanting to dance the salsa but realistically, you’ll struggle to walk back to your car.


Sample the subtle but sensational flavours of Japan at Nagisa on Honeysuckle. Your appreciation of sophisticated flavours will flourish as you explore sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami notes. The authentic Japanese restaurant offers a tasting banquet for two, sharing banquet for four or more and hosts a Teppankyaki Bar. Loosen your kimono and brace yourself for a feast of fresh sashimi, yuzu butter scallops, gyoza and so many more. The talented chefs infuse traditional Japanese technique with contemporary flavours to create a mesmerising dining experience.

Food has the beautiful ability to bring people together to share stories, laugh and create memories. If you’re going to gather the squad for a catch up, do the right way by feasting on the best banquets Newcastle has to offer. Exploring the plethora of menus at Chan Chan Peruvian, The Persian Place, Sephardim, and MEET may seem like a daunting task but it’s a challenge were happy to take.

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