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Seedy Sunday

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Sunday. It’s the holy day of rest for us Novocastrians. It’s the day we roll out of bed, stroll along the beach, snack on a lazy brunch then dust ourselves off for an afternoon session at our local. Sick of your routine? Hit up one of these spots this weekend.


Start your walk along Bather’s Way with a brew from Merewether Surf House or Blue Door café. Skip the climb up Anzac Memorial Walk and stroll up to Darby Street instead. You can’t miss HuBro’s Hubrew cold brew or a batch from Suspension Espresso. If you’re feeling too rough to don your active wear, pick up a cup from Estabar or East End Hub and enjoy the view from Newcastle beach’s steps.


It’s the most important meal of the day so, it’s a good thing Novocastrians are spoilt for choice. Soak in the view of Newcastle’s glistening harbour from Wickham Boatshed or Six Degrees in Honeysuckle. Feast on The Hood’s B & E roll or nourish yourself with Talulah’s spring bowl at The Junction. It’s Sunday, so treat yourself to dessert for breakfast with Mockingbird’s red velvet pancakes or Table One Espresso’s legendary stacks.


Shake that lingering hangover with pizza and beer at Queens Wharf Hotel. Take a moment of silence for the loss of the iconic Newcastle tower, boogie into Monday morning with their live band. For the ultimate hair of the dog, grab a bloody Mary from Quill and Compass. Tap your feet to live jazz while you enjoy refreshing sangria at Parry Street Garage. Need a pick me up? Hit Customs House and order a $10 espresso martini. Recharge, request a song with the DJ, then hit the dancefloor.

Weekends are made for catching up with friends, neglecting responsibilities and savouring the finer things in life. Skip that towering laundry pile or overgrown lawn and go enjoy our thriving city. Don’t feel guilty, that’s Monday’s problem.

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