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Rediscover Newcastle’s CBD

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Newcastle has been reborn. The clouds of concrete dust have cleared, infrastructure torn down and we are free to roam the streets of the CBD. It’s been a tough ride for local businesses who had access cut off by roadworks, but the launch of The Station signifies a refreshed city. Call up your squad and support small businesses by rediscovering the hidden gems of the Newcastle.

Liquid gold

Stop treating coffee like a supplement you pop in the morning to kick start the day. Savour the rich, black nectar at one of the CBD’s specialised cafes. Crack open a fresh book and let aromatic coffee fumes waft over the pages at The Press Book House. Start your day with a pick up a pick me up from 23hundred, then stroll along Newcastle Beach and soak in the sunshine. Explore eclectic boutiques in Hunter Street Mall with a One Penny Black brew in hand. Whether you’re cruising along Hunter Street or rushing into UoN for a lecture, you can get your fix from Blue Door.  It’ll be worth the death stare from your professor when you walk in late.

Skip the mortgage and invest in brunch

For Novocastrians, brunch isn’t just a meal to nourish the body, it’s a way of life. Indulge in a fluffy bagel, bursting with lavish fillings at Papa’s Bagel Bar. Check out their Aussie twist on the New York, lox and cream cheese classic. They sandwich house, beetroot cured smoked salmon, smashed avo, feta and tart pomegranate syrup in their signature bun. Vegans rejoice! Momo Wholefoods dishes up a mouth-watering array of animal friendly dishes that you carnivore friends will love too. Pop out your pinkie and indulge in a cup of tea and handmade crumpets or fire up your tastebuds with bhujia, spiced potato and chill sauce from their Indian breakfast. Let’s be real though, smashed avo on sourdough is the staple of any brunch menu. Whether you’re rocking active wear or rolling out of bed after another regrettable night at King Street, Bolton St Pantry will fulfil your smashed avo fantasies.

Eat around the world for lunch

Name a better combo than a frosty beer and juicy burger. Despite the Hunter Street closures, Newy Burger Co soldiered on and is still dishing up some of the best buns in Newcastle. Take your tastebuds on a trip to Stocko and munch on crispy fried chicken, slaw and aioli or devour the classic Newy burger, stacked with moorish beef patties, cheddar, onion, pickles, house ketchup and mustard. If you’re chasing a sandwich with an oriental twist, check out Screamin’ Veemis. The traditional Vietnamese roll is brimming tantalising flavours like chicken katsu, wasabi, pork crackling, pickled vegetables and fiery chilli. Why choose one dish when you can feast on a banquet at Chan Chan. The traditional Peruvian restaurant specialises in South American dishes like ceviche and empanadas. Explore the subtlety of the Japanese flavours at Asa Don. You can slurp udon noodles, swimming in an aromatic broth or savour the umami of the Buta Don special sauce.

Add some class to your next bar crawl

Add a little class to your next bar crawl and stroll along the twinkling streets of the Newcastle CBD. Kick off at The Falcon and embrace the American diner vibes with fried chicken, waffles and a Smokey bacon martini. Savour a full-bodied Malbec or the delicate citrus notes of a Pinot Grigio at Reserve Wine Bar. The mixologists at Basement on Market St will entertain you and your tastebuds with their gastronomic creations. The Firebird will light up your night with white rum, infused with fruity, tropical flavours and flames. Tackle hump day at The Flying Tiger with their $12 cocktail special. Play is safe with a classic amaretto sour or live life on the wild side and ask about their specialty creations. Wind down your night with a little mystery at speakeasy, Coal and Cedar. Let yourself fall down the rabbit hole with their masterclass. You’ll be guided through the distillery journey while you sample five premium whiskeys.

If the chaos of revitalise Newcastle scared you off visiting the CBD, now is the perfect time to rediscover your old favourites or experiment with something new. Head into town with your friends and family in tow and support you fellow Novocastrians.

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