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One Last Summer Session

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

March is on our doorstep and as the weather turns we wave goodbye to leisurely days sun-baking and balmy evenings sipping cocktails. It’s a tragedy we face every year, but instead of shedding tears over lost summer days, let us seize the moment and give it one last hurrah.

Instead of hiding in bed, refusing to face the cooler days coming, why not chuck on your best active wear and embrace the morning sunshine. A leisurely stroll along Bathers Way is a Novocastrian religion, pumping the endorphins for the day ahead. However, one does not simply walk along Newcastle’s stunning beaches without a coffee in hand. A short stroll from Newcastle Baths you can get your caffeine fix from East End Hub or Estabar, both boasting passion for quality and “seriously good coffee”. If the Newcastle Memorial Walk is more your vibe, pop into Swell Kiosk on Bar Beach or swing past HuBro on the corner of Parkway Avenue and Darby Street for a cold brew guaranteed to touch the soul. A crisp morning dip in Merewether Ocean Baths can only be followed by dropping into Blue Door Kiosk for a pick me-up. Hell, mortgages are over-rated, grab a serve of their scrumptious smashed avo on toast as well.

Stomach grumbling from your morning cardio? A lazy brunch under the sun is a summer must. However, with an abundance of top notch cafés in the region, making the final call can be a mission. Darby Street boasts a strip of superior cafés bursting with satisfied customers. From the Autumn Rooms signature field mushroom toasty, to WIA Store’s kaleidoscopic acai bowls, you’ll be feeling nourished and ready to tackle your day. A hop across town to Beaumont Street will leave you equally content. Barcito offer a unique Argentinian menu bursting with an umami of chilli, chorizo and lime. Newly opened Mockingbird has been reigning praise for their innovative menu. The red velvet pancakes speckled with seasonal berries and a blushing cloud of fairy floss is quickly becoming a local favourite. Heading into the city centre you’re spoilt for choice. If Dr Seuss is your jam, head into Momo Wholefoods. You may not find green eggs and ham, but their menu is sure to deliver a green antioxidant boost with plenty of vegan options available.

Blistering Summer days mean crisp salads to get you through the midday slump and recharge you for the night ahead. No need to swing by Woolies, there’s plenty of hot spots to grab a salad so good it’ll make you friends. New kid on the block Lulu’s Poke Bowl is a must stop for your daily two and five. Choose from their menu or build your own bowl of happiness. With options like fresh sashimi salmon, tropical mango and spicy wasabi mayo, it’s easy to get carried away.

What better way to unwind and reflect on a lush Summer day than cocktails and tapas with your nearest and dearest. Overlook Newcastle’s stunning harbour and indulge in artisan cocktails and guilty pleasures like cheeseburger spring rolls at Moneypenny. Don’t expect to devour the same concoction twice, the mixologists shake things up weekly. Seriously, try the spring rolls. The Basement is another hot spot renowned for innovative cocktails. Using only the highest quality spirits they experiment with unique flavours like chipotle infused Campari. Their Mandarin Smokestack will fire up your taste buds and your dancing shoes. Devour the quirky cocktail with fragrant house made falafel or creamy baked brie, paired perfectly with floral fig. That morning coffee has surely worn off by now, why not multitask and get your caffeine fix in your martini? 5 Saywers Pick Me Up menu puts a unique take on the bar classic. Go loco with the Coconut Delight or a wee bit Irish with a whisky spiked twist.

Summer is for sharing food, sipping icy beverages and creating memories with those around you. As the cooler months approach, make the most of the sunshine and Newcastle’s thriving foodie scene. Whether it’s a caffeinated catch up, people watching over brunch, summer salads or cheeky night out, indulge your taste buds and your senses in the good food and good company.

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