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Global Dishes on our Doorstep.

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

You don’t have to travel to Japan for authentic teppanyaki or to Italy for home-made ravioli, Newcastle offers a plethora of cuisines from around the world. Skip the takeout menu for greasy Pad Thai and go indulge in the real thing.


Transport your tastebuds to the lush Italian vineyards and savour dishes that would make Nonna proud. Napoli serve authentic pizza, fresh from their woodfired oven. Splurge on their pizza by the metre, a challenge worth taking.  Masa Madre prove simplicity is key, layering punchy flavours on slow fermented, sourdough pizza. Dive into pillows of gnocchi, swimming in rich Napolitano sauce at Cielo Italiano.  Sail to the Greek Islands and dine on lamb kleftiko and spiced eggplant at Rustica. Feast on a moorish Spanish banquet of chorizo, paella and churros at Bocados, then head home for a well-deserved siesta. Good food can only be matched with good company, so gather the squad over sharing platters.


Bust out your cowboy hat and dig into a rack of sticky Texan ribs or smoky pulled pork at The Lucky, or The Grain Store. Savour the crunch of crispy batter and explosion of juicy chicken at Rascal’s. For the perfect combination of sweet and savoury, order a serve of waffles and fried chicken, glistening with maple syrup from The Falcon. Head south of the border and add some spice to your life with Antojitos tantalising Mexican menu. Devour succulent Brazilian churrasco, crafted using traditional, spices and flavours at Meet in Honeysuckle. Refresh your palette with a delicate ceviche or bite into a flaky empanada at Chan Chan Peruvian.


From fresh vegetables, sizzling in a wok to delicate slithers of sashimi, Newcastle delivers on oriental cuisine. Ditch the table manners and slurp ramen at Susuru. Sip Japanese whisky while the skilled chefs at Nagisa fire up the teppanyaki bar. Bao Brothers combine urban hip-hop from the west with bursting bao buns from the east. If Vietnamese Bahn Mi is more you style, Screamin’ Veemis have you covered with their Screamin’ Swine, topped with chunks of pork crackling. Bite into juicy wontons at Dumpling Story, spicy Thai beef salad at Sticky Rice or tangy tom yum soup from The Grain.


Like to live on the wild side? Fire up your tastebuds with Winnie’s finger lickin’ jerk chicken. Feeling adventurous? Try their curried goat or pulled jackfruit bammys.


Prost your pints and tackle a mouth-watering pork knuckle at Oma’s Kitchen. Bite into a juicy bratwurst, topped with sauerkraut at  Doppleganger, or just swing by for a freshly baked pretzel.

You won’t need your passport to eat authentic dishes from around the world, just explore Newcastle’s food scene. Whether you’re craving crunchy nachos topped with fresh salsa and guac, or the umami of oriental cuisine, you’re spoilt with choices right on our doorstep.

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