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Doughhead's Holey Desserts

Summer nights are around the corner and what better way to finish a balmy, twilight dinner than indulging in dessert. This December, Doughheads is launching an indulgent eat-in menu, offering lavish doughnut holes guaranteed to leave you drooling.

The summer menu features the restaurant’s signature doughnut holes loaded with decadent trimmings.Doughheads’ tribe will see their favourite flavours transformed into an over the top indulgence.

The loaded doughnut holes will launch on December 5th, seeing Doughheads’ extend trading hours to 9pm from Thursday to Saturday. Bring a mate or date to The Junction store and devour dessert for dinner.

Just imagine the bite sized balls of fluffy dough, smothered in warm Nutella, creamy vanilla bean ice-cream, fragrant strawberries and crunchy, toasted hazelnuts. We can’t wait either.

Caramel lovers can opt for Doughheads’ signature sticky sauce with fresh banana and crushed peanuts.

Those who prefer the simpler things can choose classic cinnamon sugar or original glaze.

A summer menu wouldn’t be complete without a nostalgic tribute to the Weis bar.  Customers craving a fruity sugar hit can opt for tropical mango coulis paired with golden macadamias, white chocolate shards and crisp toasted coconut flakes.

Looking to max out your day’s calories in one sitting? Embrace your inner cookie monster with holes smothered in butterscotch sauce, chunks of cookie dough and chocolate cookie crumbs. Why not bring your friends and try them all?

You can devour Doughheads’ loaded holes in-store or grab cinnamon sugar and original glaze on the run. The restaurant will not be taking reservations so get in early to avoid disappointment.

The countdown is on for the launch of Newcastle’s holiest dessert bar.

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