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Discover Newcastle’s Vegan Scene

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Whether you’re opting for a healthy lifestyle change, striving to save the planet or protecting our four-legged friends, Newcastle’s vegan scene is thriving. While the vegan diet is often stereotyped as lacklustre pastas and bowls of steamed veg, the reality is anything but. Newcastle’s vegans are blessed with a plethora of creative, vegan friendly restaurants who pack a flavoursome punch with your two and five.

The most important meal of the day

Brunch enthusiasts can find scrumptious vegan options on Newcastle’s booming café scene. Head to crowd favourite, Blue door, for a nourishing Green Bowl that will kickstart your day. Dive into a steaming bowl of creamy, coconut porridge, topped with toasted hazelnut, banana, strawberries and a drizzle of Canadian maple at Talulah. Vegans are spoilt for choice at Momo Wholefoods who specialise in nourishing feasts bursting with imaginative flavours. It’s never too early to explore the spice cabinet with their famous Indian breakfast or oriental inspired Kimchi Pancake.

Indulge in Italian classics

With their love of oozy cheeses and succulent braised ragus, it’s easy to assume that Italian cuisine is off limits to vegans. Classic Italian cooking focuses on using minimal ingredients that epitomise quality and freshness. Think plump truss tomatoes, vibrant basil and caramelised garlic transformed into a tangy Neapolitan sauce. For authentic vegan pizza that showcases simplicity, head to Napoli, Masa Madre and Harry’s Gourmet Pizzas. The pizzerias offer delicious vegan options that will satisfy your ravenous carnivore friends. The iconic Pino’s Restaurant  have refreshed their nostalgic menu with a vegan twist under their new management. The creative chefs design delicious menus weekly, using Italian traditions and seasonal produce for inspiration.

Smash a burger

Burgers are the ultimate guilty pleasure. Don’t skip your cheat meal, Bonta Vera will whip you up a juicy vegan stack. Go traditional with Le Royal or entice your taste buds with the Korean fried chicken, crunchy slaw and chilli sauce. It’s not a cheat meal without a side of their moorish chilli cheese fries and a creamy thick shake. Craving the addictive burn of chilli and spice? Grab the fiery jerk tofu burger at Winnies Jamaican. Take your pup on a date to The Family Hotel. While you’re there, smash a beer and burger with tangy BBQ pulled jackfruit and creamy avocado slaw.

Don’t miss out on dining out

Why limit yourself to one dish when you can order a banquet of enticing tapas to share amongst friends. If you feel like your lifestyle choice subjects your squad to ordering dishes they’d rather miss, then head to The Basement. For an insta-worthy spread, order their wholesome seasonal vegetable platter and Hugo’s famous falafels served with moorish dips and warm pita. Beat the midweek slump on their thirsty Thursday with a $12 cocktail guaranteed to impress. Fire up your taste buds with Antojito’s authentic Mexican menu. You and your amigos can munch on crunchy nachos with vibrant salsa, mouth-watering vegan mulitas and refreshing margaritas. Sephardim’s vegan mezze banquet will entice any foodie. Start your Mediterranean adventure with grilled flatbread, velvety pumpkin hummus and smoky baba ghanoush. Enjoy the subtle flavours of oriental cuisine at Vietking. Choose from an abundance of vegan friendly options like lemongrass and chilli silk tofu or wok fried rice noodles with mushrooms, bamboo shoots and fresh vegetables.

Sugar high

Sweet toothed vegans need not fear as there are plenty of indulgent treats to hit that sugar craving. Ice-cream lovers can savour creamy pillows of authentic gelato at Popolo Gelateria and Talby’s. Mama-P whips up tantalising raw cakes brimming with lavish trimmings. Chocoholics can give into temptation at Coco Monde with their rich dark chocolate fondue, waffles and crepes. Have your cake and eat it too with Fifi La Femme’s luscious vegan range. You won’t be disappointed flavours like with sticky salted caramel pretzel and zesty carrot cake.

Who knew restricting your diet would leave you with so many amazing dining options. If you’ve been thinking about jumping on the vegan bandwagon, you won’t face a limited menu of house salads and bland risotto. Curious about Newcastle’s vegan friendly food scene? Switch on the Crave App’s vegan filter, you’ll be surprised by the hidden vegan gems on your favourite restaurant’s menu.

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